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To the attention of colleagues-publishers

лют. 28, 2022 Переглядів: 909

Dear colleagues!

Ukraine is suffering from an aggressive war started by the Russian Federation against Ukraine for no reason. Bombs and rockets are falling on our peaceful cities.

The only way to stop the dictator is to completely block any business with the aggressor state's enterprises, to create conditions for the complete refusal of Russian citizens to cooperate with the authorities, and the military to refuse to carry out the commands of criminals.

To do this, we ask you to address the governments and parliaments of your countries for the following purposes:
- blocking any business relations with Russian enterprises
- blocking the accounts of Russian citizens and enterprises in the banks of your countries
- banning any cultural, scientific and sporting exchange with Russia
- appeal to the Presidents and Ministers of Defence of your countries regarding the supply of air defence and air-to-air missiles to Ukraine
- daily financial support of the Ukrainian army
- banning any media related to Russia and Belarus (accomplice of this bloody war)
- banning any book editions by authors living in Russia and Belarus.

Colleagues, please consider our request and act as soon as possible, because every day brings new innocent victims among the civilian population!

Pic credit https://www.facebook.com/AndriyYermolenkoArt/

остання зміна Вівторок, 01 березня 2022 21:26
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